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November 15, 2012 App Commercial Corporate ID Uncategorized 0

If you check the history behind every invention you will find the magical fact that “Every invention starts with an Idea which is very small and basic.” Time will take that to the invention by adding more idea by brainstorm to enhance the idea.

Idea born with imagination, to start its journey towards invention. Invention process become faster while idea meet idea / ideas after brainstorming. For example invention of wheel is the base idea, while it met with few more idea [concepts] and get enhanced & grown. The basic idea of wheel took the mankind in sky by helicopter or airplane by using wheel base movement.
In the same thing we could apply in your own domain by using our observation to innovate the idea for invention. For example In my domain of IT, we started with intranet and share multiple computers and reach up to invention like internet and today we reach up to cloud computing. In the same way we start with static web-site and enhance idea to social networking and dynamic flash or flax sites.

Each idea will need two key elements to grow.

1.Time and

While we say time it contains these key points:

A: Consistent efforts towards “idea” enhancement
B: Evaluation of Idea and its Utility for current and future Trend
C: Believe in your idea and wait for right time/opportunity to execute it.

While we say Brainstorm it contains these key points:

A: Add more idea towards your end objective of invention
B: Enhance idea with filter it through multiple aspects.
C: Start to Think out of the box and go beyond boxes.
D: Observe your idea with similar platforms.
E: Derive USP or your idea

Your idea need to be innovation or enhancer.

Key difference between innovator and enhancer are:

Innovator is the idea which take us to the completely new objective. who is unique at itself.
Enhancer idea is use to replace current idea.

EG: social networking is innovator idea while tweeter is enhancing idea which works on the social networking but with its own USP.

In every business success depend upon your mind and thoughts which produce and idea. so Journey towards success starts with an IDEA which is simple yet full of opportunities.
So, lets innovate idea for invention and take our imagination to the next level.

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