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8 Must do Analysis for IT company

November 15, 2012 Marketing Mobile Print Uncategorized 0

Consulting an IT company is very challenging task for any consultant. I analyzed and come across many IT consultants for international IT software domain and checked their comprehensive yet ready consulting plans to deploy, which shows their expert suggestions and methodology to streamline an IT company with processes and cultural changes. I find that most of them are following pre defined template only and do not design the plan base upon detailed analysis of company which they going to consult.



Consultant need to design plan with proper study and detailed analysis of the factors affecting the company in past, present and future.

These are 8 Must Do analysis factors during consulting an International Information Technology company an ideal consultant need to analyze.

1 – Team Analysis: 
o SWOT Analysis of Team
o Leadership analysis
o Motivation & Inspiration factors [ Psychometric analysis ]
o Skill set Analysis
o Experience Analysis

Team analysis is done for checking out-put efficiency of resources and project execution capability of entire division. All division will define team capability matrix to judge the company strength.

2 – Finance Analysis:
o Current status
o Loss recovery / equilibrium status
o Profit ratio & Collection record
o Investment and recovery matrix

To design strategy to control expenditure to improve current status and plan budget at core area of priority investments. It also set a priority of effort investment on current pipeline or new projects.

3 – Portfolio Analysis
o Average Project size
o Average project in each Technology / Domain
o Expertise matrix base upon portfolio
o Product and Service ratio

To ensure that company’s efforts are going on the direction of company’s expertise. And to identify the right model which help us to define our expertise.

4 – Client Analysis
o Proactive & Reactive ratio
o Geographic Analysis
o Technology Analysis
o Business Flow analysis

Client analysis helps to identify ratio between repeat and one time client, geographic reference and business opportunity. It will help to design campaign for marketing activities.

5 – Market Analysis
o Market Rate Analysis
o Market Need Analysis
o Economy analysis of targeted market / segment

Market Analysis is to ensure compatibility of our approach and market conditions. It helps to focus on specific growing technology base segment to cover maximum output of our efforts base input.

6 – Trend Analysis
o What next coming in technology
o What next coming which is relevant to our expertise
o Are we upgrading as per the trend?

To evaluate future prospects about upcoming technology trends due to changes in user base and innovations. Tablets are the latest example of changing trend of computers during 2010 -2011.

7 – Infrastructure Analysis
o Min and Max cost [ fix & Variable]
o Min and Max resource allocation
o Technical analysis
o Networking analysis
o Software and Hardware analysis

To verify that can we able to match the per hour rate in terms of resource costing along with infrastructure cost. We may quote higher or lower quote to clients as we did not conducted analysis on the same.

8- System & Process Analysis

o Process flow
o HR Policy
o Hierarchy
o Project Management Process
o Marketing Team capabilities

To ensure the right processes are in right place to get optimum productivity in the company. It will also help to ensure proper documentation for audit to meet quality parameters and standards.

This 8 basic analysis will help any consultant or company for self enhancement. It will also measure capability and help to define future plan for expansion or trend base marketing focus for business development


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